from people who have been prayed for and from fellow Claresharers.
Remember, this is what we do together! You & Ty Mam Duw! Making one Host of love and prayer....

It means an awful lot to know that you are there, caring and praying.
You are a beacon of hope and joy and the world would be a much poorer place without you. Also your integrity and love are a model for us all are inspirational in a world with ever decreasing morals and values. Please never under estimate the importance of you all to the rest of us. Love Chris

.....I was homeless and suffering from chronic alcoholism. Quite suddenly, for the very first time in my life, I was then 42, I said, "I need help". ... I have not touched a drop of alcohol since that wonderful moment Prayer WORKS sisters. Let no cynic shake your confidence in it. Your lives are well spent.
It is also true that whenever I feel down - I suffer a chronic wasting illness - I not only call to mind the morning of 23 April 1977, I log on to your website This is one man who is glad you are there being you and loving Jesus in prayer and meditation. Bob

My brother was stabbed in the heart and mortally wounded. He died for several minutes, but he came back to us. He has severe brain damage and will never get any better. I asked the dear sisters to pray for him and for my family. And doing that took care of a great deal of the burden. Their gift of prayer is a blessing I cannot fully describe. The sisters‚ writings on Jesus and Mary, Clare and Colette have given me a new spiritual life. I began attending mass again because of their website, K

It has a profound affect on my ministry and my worshipping life to know that you (and others like you) are there, and that you care enough about God's world to constantly hold so many aspects of it before him in prayer. I find the opportunity that the Clareshare email offers to me to share in your work of prayer totally enriching - it keeps me in touch with the needs of others - and enlarges my vision - so that I can dare to trust that my few prayers - added to the many others, will bring peace to those whose names come to me through your tireless work. Rev C

I look forward to your news letter and prayer request messages ever month as it promotes my prayer life and gives me confidence, that indeed there is a God. Without you the world would be nothing but an empty shell. Thank you for being my sisters, John

You are a continent away and yet we are connected in prayer and petition the Father together. I just can'timagine not being able to pray with you and know that He hears and in the name of Jesus answers according to the Will of God. Ann

Since I found you on the web several years ago, I have requested prayers for family and friends during times of need. The only negative I can see is that we are in different countries. Because I am not able to visit your convent and pray with you. A D

(I am not a Catholic) but I am always saying to people that you are one of the most powerful sources of healing that I know - the comfort this brings and the miracles that happen in God's Light just Are. The (Clareshare) group and its work at Ty Mam Duw is a beacon to many. In light and love, OK

I am prostrate in praise for the day that I "accidentally" stumbled upon your website! You are in my life, even though I am out here, halfway around the world. These glimpses that I have of you and your prayers, these glimpses sustain me. And your prayers are like a beacon into the heavens that help to guide us in our own prayers. You show me what it is to be truly human. You demonstrate hope to me. I am down in the poorest sections of San Francisco's inner city, especially when I am there, you and your prayers are with me! as I search for the face of Jesus among the poor and homeless and utterly destitute. You and your prayers are with me, as I walk dirty streets .... Clareshare, and your website, these little momentary glimpses into such sweet Gospel lives dedicated to the needs of all humankind, is one of the most meaningful things in my life. Jeannene

You teach love and without love all redemption would be lost. I am going off to adoration and I shall be praying with all my heart for you all.... keep the faith... love the church ! Janet

You are a sign of contradiction to all that "we" hold dear!.I would find it extremely difficult to begin my day not knowing that my sisters praying for me, for us all! Cecile

You are the Powerhouse of our source of spiritual heating, electricity and well being. Patsy

I love you all so much, and can only say that you supported us all as a family, and strenghtend and gave me peace at the time of Ian's struggle with cancer... D

Were I asked where one could find Mary, the Mother of God, somewhere on Earth, I would, without hesitation, direct them to Ty Mam Duw. That is one of the principal reasons I remain committed to the Church. I owe the life of at least one daughter to these holy women. How can I repay that? Dr J O

Your community may be as tiny as a grain of sand on a sea shore in the scheme of the universe, but your effect is akin to that of a nuclear particle on that sea shore....There is absolutely nothing in this world that any human being can do that is more important than the work of God that *you* accomplish.
In practice, your Claresharers are not separated from you by geographical distance. For example, I live some 500 miles from you in North Scotland, but your presence is palpable when I am joining my prayers to yours.

I think you are wonderful. Whenever I have a problem I e-mail you and the problems is sorted out through your intercession on my behalf. E

Occasionally I feel a little jealous of your way of life; your love of play, the fact you don't have mortgages, the fact you don't have to pluck eyebrows, your community and your closeness to the Blessed Sacrament. I love your love of the World (warts and all)and your love of life. You help me make sense of what I do in the World and as we work together for Christ, Gill, (Forest of Dean Claresharers)

My life, my vocation without my sisters who pray for me and the intentions of the people have entrusted to me.......has no light. You are the backbone of the Church! If God gives another life I want to be a Poor Clare! Fr Rodrigo OFM

You sisters, are a wonderful blessing to us, we are all so grateful. My little 94 year old friend Laurie with the fractured vertebraes in her spine had been very depressed but receiving your letter has helped her to keep her eyes on her Lord and move forward again. It is not only myself who benefits from this ministry, but also the aged folk in the nursing homes where I minister, I share with them too, the (Clareshare) ministry from the Poor Clare's Community
Your loving Aussie friend, MM

Every prayer request I have made has been answered by Our Precious Lord MS

I would love to be able to come and pray with you personally but as that is not possible, this is the next best. My prayer is that you will continue to Clareshare!! A S

I first came across your community via your website after searching about Francis and the Poor Clares:Then your feature on "Songs of Praise" confirmed in living colour what comes across in the website: that you are a loving witness to the joy of life lived in the Lord Jesus. Our society today needs the witness of a few people around the world to live this way of life to show that we are made for God alone....I personally receive comfort and inspiration simply being aware of your constant prayer on the other side of the world !! Robert

When my light had all but gone out, my spirit was in despair and lost in all direction, until I was miraculousely lead to the sisters. they remain to me as a support for me still, and even though now I am on solid ground know that the dear sisters are always, always there for me....all of them mothering me,

I am not of your faith, but I thank you for being there for all of us. AT

Who ever your God is he seems to do something. I wish I could share what you people have got. If prayer will do it - Pray for me, Yona

The pictures we see on your website of the sisters enjoying their life of simplicity, their wholesome occupations, and loving God and caring about other people, many of whom they may never meet face to face, are to me deeply inspiring and really give me 'rest for my soul'. Thank you, Sisters! PPD

Ty Mam Duw is a powerhouse of prayer that underpins the lives of all who hear from you, and the world around you. I know from my role over the last nineteen years on BBC Television's 'Songs of Praise' that prayer WORKS. You devote your whole lives to prayer for us, and for God's world. Thank God you are there! Pam Rhodes