All day...

People know we pray! Specifically, they are asking what do we do in the gaps marked common work on our 24 Hour service report!  Well, we work - together (as far as possible). Clare says, let the sisters work diligently after the hour of Terce in a manner that does not extinguish prayer.


Which means all the ordinary things everyone does to keep the roof on:- cleaning, washing, cooking the dinner, doing the dishes, filling the cracks and painting the walls - and doing it with extra love together with the Lord, who did these things Himself!

We also work in the garden raising fruit and flowers and vegetables and keeping the weeds at bay. We paint, knit, embroider, produce booklets, vestments, songs, CDs, and first communion dresses that people can afford for their children. Our online Shop is a present in a state of suspension but we will re-organize ourselves at Marian House in the coming months

People also ask us, what do you sisters like?

Well, we like you and we love each others’ company, we are all so different and making caring and sisterly friendships in the humble and loving dimensions of our vows, is the work of a lifetime. We like to talk and sing and laugh and make things together. In the framework of our real poverty we want every sister to become not merely good or better, but the very best sort of person she can be and we are encouraged to share the gifts the Lord has given us with each other. We like to have a cup of coffee together as a treat - and picnics in the garden. The reading in the refectory at lunch may be a serious religious book or a round up of current world news from VIS, Zenit, ICN, Asia News, Independent Catholic or BBC Online. But at collation in the evening, the reading may be lighter; we really like being read to! Occasionally we enjoy a worthwhile DVD and we like listening to praise music - and classical and folk music. At Christmas and sometimes on big feasts, we write and perform our own plays, musicals and puppet theatre.

But above all our hobby is our way of life - we really do love being together with the Lord!